Covid Regulations – 27 July 2020:

As playing golf (under some restrictions) has been allowed by Government, the Gowrie Farm Golf course may be used under the conditions that follow. These rules have been set up to comply with Government rules (level 3), are adapted from GolfRSA guidelines and are designed to try to ensure a safe environment for Gowrie staff and members.

These rules will be revised and adapted as is necessary as matters concerning the Covid lockdown develop.

Please do not arrive a more than 15 minutes before the start of your round and after your round please leave the course as soon as possible to avoid groups forming at the club house.

Before the round:

  • Travel to and from the golf course must be in accordance with Government rules.  Gowrie Golf cannot give permission to break any rules.
  • All players will be screened before playing. Please leave the course immediately if your temperature is high.
  • Please maintain social distancing of 2m at all times – before playing, while playing and after playing. Also, please bring hand sanitizer with you and use it regularly. The use of masks is essential and access will not be permitted without masks.
  • Bookings must be made on line (Golfscape) or by phoning the Pro Shop 033-266 6348 (or Phil 082 990 7248). Any payments are to be made prior to arrival. Tee times will be 10 mins apart. Please don’t arrive at the course if you have not booked a time.
  • Do not leave your vehicle less than 10 minutes before your Tee-off time. Please don’t arrive early and hang around the 1st Tee and Pro Shop. Only go onto the Tee box 5 mins before your Tee-off time and as long as there is nobody else there.
  • Please note the entrance gate closes at 17:00 during the week and 17:45 on Friday and Saturday so, if you are not resident at Gowrie, you need to leave the premises before then.
  • Please – no more than Phil plus 2 people are allowed in the Pro Shop at any time.
  • Trolleys are available for hire but you must sanitize the handle before use.
  • Please maintain social distancing on the practice green and driving range.
  • The clubhouse and locker rooms will remain closed. The toilets may be accessed if essential. Please bring your own food / refreshments with you. There will be no competitions organized at this stage. All games will be non-competition.
  • No alcohol may be brought to the course.
  • The course computer is off, so please open and close your round on the HNA (Handicaps Network Africa) App. If you need help, please ask at the pro shop.

During the round:

  • Only approach the Tee box if is not occupied.
  • Carts may be used, but only 1 person per cart, unless players are from the same household in which case they may share a cart. Please make sure your cart is sanitized before use. Facilities for this will be provided.
  • Maintain 2m social distancing throughout your round, including on the greens and tees.
  • There should be no exchange of scorecards. Do not alternate scoring or share pencils. There is no need for a player to sign off a card. A player may keep his own score – there should be a verbal verification before recording the score.
  • To minimize the need to lift the ball from the hole, it is recommended that the most likely score (MLS) Rule (Rule 3.3 of the rules of handicapping) be applied.
  • Do not touch stray balls or anyone else’s ball. Only use your own equipment.
  • Please use the ball lifter on each flag stick with your putter to get your ball out of the cup. Do not touch the flag stick.
  • Rakes have been removed from bunkers. Players must smooth bunkers as best they can with feet and clubs – leave the bunker in the condition you would like to find it. A ball lying in a rough patch of bunker may be placed within 15cm and not closer to the hole. Very effective rakes that attach to your sand wedge handle can be purchased at the pro shop.
  • Ball cleaners, taps, sand bins, water buckets, benches, chairs, etc should not be touched or used.

After the round:

  • After playing please leave the course as soon as possible. Don’t stay on to chat or for any other reason.
  • Do not congregate in groups.
  • Enter your score using the HNA App.

Thanks for reading these rules – please stick to them for your health and the health of others.

Phil Simmons

Golf Director