The legacy of golf lives on at Gowrie Farm

Gowrie Farm offers a traditional golfing experience on a classically designed 18 hole golf course. We invite you to join us and experience golf as it is meant to be played.


We hold true to the legacy of golf and believe that it should be played as a walking game—a tradition upheld for centuries. This allows players to feel the grass under their feet, immerse themselves in the refreshing air, and take in the magnificent views of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.


Our course sets itself apart from the crowd by taking direct inspiration from the original golf courses in Scotland, and some of the American courses, such as Pinehurst and Merion. It has been built in the traditional way, with features rooted in the natural landscapes, tees close to the ground, simple fairways that follow the land, and push-up greens. 


Here, players are afforded the opportunity to contribute to the enduring narrative of golf by honouring the original spirit of the game, respecting its legends, and passing on the tradition of this timeless sport. It’s a place where players can experience true camaraderie and become part of a legacy.


When you play at Gowrie Farm, you become part of a timeless tradition, with each shot a testament to the enduring spirit of golf. Here, the game is pure, demanding, and authentic.


~ Selwyn Nathan ~
Commissioner of the South African PGA

Gowrie Farm Lodge & Golf Course Golf

Our Facilities

  • Proshop
  • Halfway House
  • Clubhouse Bar & Lounge
  • Restaurant 
  • Men and Women Locker Rooms
  • Practice Range
  • Golf Carts


Our 18 hole golf course presents a distinctive and rewarding challenge, and is possibly very different from those that you normally play. Course architect, Guy Smith, has shared valuable tips on how to make the most of this exceptional layout.


Don't obsess over the scorecard

The first bit of advice is don't obsess over the score. Play against friends, not the scorecard. A good way to do this is to play matchplay. You will then remember the good shots and not dwell on the blowouts.


Get to know the course

Don't be intimidated by not always knowing where to hit your drive. Like first meeting your partner or friend, you've got to get to know them, same applies to many of the holes at Gowrie Farm. The more you play, the more you'll learn and the more fun it'll be.


Embrace new shot strategies

Don't play like you do at most courses. Instead of automatically taking your 60-degree wedge for the short shots, try something different: a putter from 50m, or bump and run it up the slopes with a 7 or 8 iron. For the shot into the green, look carefully into the distances, as the correct shot may be to the front of the green rather than aiming at the flag.


Enjoy every shot!

Enjoy every shot! It's more fun than just dragging your 60-degree wedge around the green or throwing your irons close to the pins.


Soak up the scenery

Take in your surroundings. Watch the crowned cranes fly overhead, enjoy the cattle strolling slowly by, listen to the birds and look out for the reedbuck. Enjoy the simplicity of the course, the way the fairways hug the natural contours, and the way the slopes on the green follow the land. Savour it all because it’s part of the game.


Gowrie Farm was originally a golf course in the 1920's, so it seemed appropriate to revert to a golf course in 2008, 150 years after it was initially registered.