Permitted Paint Colours

Paint Colour Codes – Colours Permitted at Gowrie Farm

It is of concern to the Architectural Review Committee that colour variations are taking place on the exterior walls of houses at Gowrie Farm.

Prior to commencing painting, a swatch of 6 square metres must be painted onto the wall of the house, to be checked by a representative of the Architectural Review Committee. Whilst the Architectural Review Committee understands that this places an additional burden on the owners, there is concern with the overall impact the colour variations are having on the development as a whole.

Plascon Paints have prepared colours which are the only colours that may be used on the exterior walls at Gowrie Farm. These are:

  • Crete shore 52
  • Crete shore architectural grey GR-Y13. This is a very dark colour for use on specific sites only, which sites are to be determined by the Paint Committee
  • Madonna city Y1-E1-3
  • Castle stone Y5-E2-2
  • Mosaic Y5-D2-2
  • Fever tree BBO602
  • Corinthian pillar Y3-E1-4
  • Baby elephant Y1-E1-4. This will only be allowed on certain properties, as determined by the Paint Committee, to prevent its overuse on the estate.
  • Misty valley BBO609
  • Stone wash Y2-D2-2
  • Bottecelli E17-5
  • Lightning Y4 D2 2

When choosing colours for the homes at Gowrie Farm, the Architectural Review Committee has been sensitive to the Midlands’ landscape and have set out with the intention of minimizing the impact of the houses in the landscape. It is important that when home owners choose their trim colours, they are sensitive to the impact that these colours will have on the overall effect of the homes at Gowrie Farm. With this in mind, the following rules are applicable:

  • Colours of shutters and major verandah details such as posts should be darker than the exterior walls. White is discouraged on all major features and before it is used, it must be approved by the Gowrie Architectural Farm Review Committee (GFARC).
  • White is permitted on windows, although colours complimentary to the walls, and if possible darker than the walls, are preferred. In the case of aluminium windows being used, then dark colours are obligatory. No white aluminum windows or doors will be permitted int the future. Before choosing colours of the aluminum or metal doors, these colours must be approved by GFARC.
  • Garage doors should be painted a dark colour or alternatively, the same colour as the walls in which they hang. Should they be timber doors, then a natural stain is permitted.
  • Gutters must be the same colour as the roof on which they are fixed. Downpipes are to be painted the same colour as the walls on which they are fixed.

Should any home owner have any difficulty in accepting the colours, they are free to contact GFARC to discuss this matter and to offer suggestions which, if in the view of GFARC will enhance the Farm, then they will be willing and happy to allow variances from the colour proposals above.