Ladies Captain’s Report November 2022

What did we do without instant messaging? Our golf group pings and pongs with weather updates, good wishes, photos, confirmations of availability, withdrawals and …jokes! The season’s busyness and rain has affected our golf, but not the spirit!

The Monday afternoon 9-hole school is such a valuable addition to our weekly meets. Thank you, Michelle Burger for overseeing and organising this worthwhile practice session.

Congratulations to Carmen Seele, the new Gowrie Ladies’ captain. Wilna du Plessis will manage the league team next year, and Deidre Clark will assist on the committee. This dynamic group of ladies have exciting plans for Gowrie Golf in 2023. Watch this space…

First up is the 2-day Ladies Festival planned for the 8th and 9th of March. Got any exciting ideas for a theme? Carmen is your Gal. Whatsapp suggestions to her on the group. Do you know that saying about the early bird? The cost of travelling and the state of the roads impacts negatively on the rounds played. If we get our poster out soon, we hope to nab participants before they commit to other events.

Thank you to Phil Simmons for a year filled with advice, guidance and instruction. His experienced eye quickly picks up frustrating faults and the remedy, however slight, is at the ready. “Swing your hips”, ‘make your knees kiss’, ‘Hold!’ ‘Pose! Wait for the ball to land.” These are often repeated phrases. Phil, it’s our prerogative not to listen all the time.

Christopher and Eve, thank you for your courtesy. You deal with golfers in the Proshop so professionally, and always with a smile.

Joani Simmons, you are a saint. First, we want the plan like this, then in the next breath, like that. You stay focused, suggest something different and allow us to think it was our brilliant idea all along. Thank you for your patience and your expertise. Organising events is what you do so well.

Thank you, Joani and Pat van Eyk, and to every one of the golf ladies who sprung the surprise farewell brunch! What a gloriously happy and noisy morning it was. Thank you and thank you again for all being there and for the very special gifts. They’ll be treasured and used.

Accepting the captaincy four years ago was really cheeky… Rules, protocol and etiquette were unknowns. I just followed and others led. Thank you to all the golfers who supported, advised and just spent time with me on the course and off. What an opportunity to learn and meet so many people along the way. I have loved it.

To the extended Gowrie family, wishes for many blessings and safe travels during this Christmas period.

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